Celebrity Chefs.

Yet another edition of Gordon “Fucking” Ramsey in the kitchen kicking the arses of celebrities who want to have a cooking lesson, and end up getting chewed instead. They really don’t like it do they?

What’s that go to do with value added water then sunshine, the one reader grumbled?

Well actually quite a lot.

I watch that and am reminded of my early days in a fast turn around formulation lab. It was busy, cramped, and there were a few ego’s (And 5 kilo stainless steel beakers) flying around. Gordon bangs on about pride in the work, and getting it right, and dumping it if it doesn’t come up to scratch. So do formulators

I won’t say happy days, but it taught me a lot.

Where I worked was a strong team, we pulled together and backed each other up. We could have taken on the world, but time and people move on due to the need to progress and keep a roof over our heads. The major motivation was to get a living wage

The catering trade and toiletries are very similar. Hard work, and Shit Pay.

The profile of education is similar too

Now if you believe the Royal Society of Chemistry, they should after 3 years slog be getting paid a fortune.

News: Ain’t happening, never will. RSC stop lying to impressionable teenagers. Let them get an arts degree instead if they want to be paid.

I have a bet for Gordon. If he ever wants to come to the lab, I’ll teach him to work in formulation. With his experience I reckon he’d make a good technician in about a day.

I’d fill in for him (I don’t mind a pay cut)

I’ll even do lunch

We got a deal?


One response to “Celebrity Chefs.

  1. Haha! Years ago I was trying to choose between chemistry and art at college. My parents’ advice was to go into chemistry as there was no jobs/money in art…..so I did….and found out there are any jobs or money in chemistry either.

    PS. arrived via badscience….

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