First post in the Blog

This the first post.

 You may have come here for several reasons.

 You may want to know about what “Products” you are using, and you have concerns about what you are doing to your skin, or you may have heard of some new wonder ingredient that will make your slightly lived in exterior (I call it character meself) look fresher than a newborns rear end.

This is where I say a little bit about myself

I work / have worked for the last 15 or so years in that industry that is known by many names, but one that sticks is either toiletries or personal care. I’m a formulator.

I’m the geek in the (Not so) White coat to designs the liquid or solid stuff that goes in the nice bottle that you pay to have in your bathroom.

The job is in equal measures



Part art , Part Science

and part having to explain to people why what that nicely manicured lady on the beauty counter is saying is not completely correct.


4 responses to “First post in the Blog

  1. As somebody who recently let herself in for several weeks of a wheal and flare reaction because I squidged the wrong liquid soap on my hands and got a reaction even with E45 solution – this is an invaluable subject-area for a blog.

  2. Thanks I’ll try not to disappoint

  3. I could ask you if you have any suggestions for how to treat long-term nasal blackheads – but I’m rally just congratulating you on setting up a ‘Bad Science’ blog…

  4. One more into the fray!

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