Serves them right

Clarins got hit by the ASA

 Well sorry they deserved it.

When I saw the original advert, we had the marketeers asking how we could copy this, and they were accusing us of being obstructive (!) The original advert was in all the expensive glossies and was designed to tap into the paranoia about mobile phones giving you all sorts of symptoms.

I think the whole industry cheered when they got shot down. It wouldn’t surprise me if a few of its members stuck the knife in just to make sure.

We need all that PSB (Pseudo Scientific Bullshit) like a hole in the head

ASA Adjudication


3 responses to “Serves them right

  1. Does it go without saying that those of you who resisted the pressure to emulate Clarins in this matter are now being congratulated for saving your company some embarrassment?

    Follow every rainbow, ’til your find your dream, eh?

  2. Errrr………………… No.

    The phrase “I told you so” is not deemed to be helpful or constructive

  3. Why did I have the instinctive feeling that this would be the case?

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