Ding Ding Fluff Alert (Part one)

Now, I like a good marketing story like anybody else, so when the industry mailing list I’m on (Cosmetic Design Europe) popped this little gem, It ticked all the boxes     Cosmetics Design Europe newsletter Article Now the first bit “Artdeco has released its new skin care range Skin Yoga Face. Based on ancient yogic principles the range taps into the trend for holistic cosmetics influenced by ancient practices and spiritual ideas.” is quite commonplace. The best known of these is Aveda who have made a big song and dance about avedic principles, and they sell a range of products based on this philosophy. Now how close this is to true Avedic Medicine and principles is a moot point, but whatever…

Anyway, back to the article.

The extracts that are claimed to be in there, Tea extract (White or Green), lotus flower, phytic acid (A chelating agent) are all pretty standard fare. I’ve used them before, and they make a pleasant sounding bit of text that doesn’t say diddly, but implies good things. They’re the sort of things that are put in cheap foambath at 3/10ths of a smidgin per cubic mile along with an appropriate fragrance.

What was a step-back was the named active “Oxyvital” which to quote the newsletter “The main component of the products is an active the company call Oxyvital. Derived from corn, Artdeco claim that the compound increases the oxygen consumption of skin cells, leading to brighter, younger looking skin.
“Oxyvital stimulates the cellular respiration and increases the oxygen consumption of the skin cells by up to 116%” say the company, adding that the skin’s oxygen content is at its highest at 20, but has halved by the age of 40, when elasticity deteriorates and cell ageing becomes obvious.”
Well I want to know more, so lets have a gander at the website, skipping to the helpful rawmats bit and it says

Oxyvital is an ingredient derived from corn by means of the Filatov procedure. Corn originates in Central America and is appreciated for centuries by the Aztecs and Indians. In Aztec mythology the sun exploded during the creation of the world and sent a golden shower to earth which turned into corn as it touched the ground. The god off corn was worshipped as the god of life.  Corn is rich in unsaturated and saturated fatty acids, proteins, various sugars, mineral salts, vitamins and phyto-stimulants. Oxyvital stimulates the cellular respiration and increases the oxygen consumption of the skin cells by up to 116%. The skin reaches it maximum oxygen content at the age of 20. It has a fresh and firm appearance. At the age of 30 the oxygen content of the skin has already decreased by 25% and the first signs of ageing become visible. By 40 the oxygen content has halved, elasticity deteriorates and the cell aging becomes obvious. Lines and wrinkles appear and the complexion becomes pale and wan. By increasing the cellular respiration the skin is able to increase its ATP content and optimize the cells efficiency.”

Oh Dear God alive, I think we’ve got a live one here!.

Now I think I know how this story is going to end, as I’ve seen these sort of respiration claims in rawmaterial suppliers extract fluff before, so I’ll post a few thoughts, then post again once I’ve dredged some more info off teh interyweb to either confirm or deny this, so I’m postulating here.

This is how I would “Justify” a ludicrous claim like this.

Correction, this is how a ludicrous claim that I couldn’t or wouldn’t make has been marketed to me in the past

“Filatov procedure”: Now doing a google pops up two interesting bits. One is a Dr Filatov, who specialises in Laser eye surgery, nothing to do with him I suspect, nor anything to do with a Russian poet on Wikipedia, or a Ukranian (also wikipedia) who had a hand in developing corneal transplants.

I’m assuming here its a Corn hydrolysate or extract, probably quite rich in glucose and starch. A bit of a bug risk, and a bit cloudy and smelly.

Next bit is blah blah, history of corn, and how its wonderful. Ignore this its padding to make the copy more impressiveNow to the sexy bit “Oxyvital stimulates the cellular respiration and increases the oxygen consumption of the skin cells by up to 116%.”

Now how are they going to prove that? Now I don’t know, as I need to do more digging, but I’m thinking they had a petri dish full of cells, added a slug of extract, and the respiration rate went up. Because you fed the hungry little buggers.Comments on this one please, as I feel a Badscience moment coming on


One response to “Ding Ding Fluff Alert (Part one)

  1. Is it wrong to laugh at this sort of thing?

    A: The respiration rate went up.
    B: Because you fed them.
    A: Pause…This one goes up to 11.

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