Now that word has caused a lot of concern in the media thanks to the publishings of a certain Dr Darbre from Reading University.

There have been a lot of column inches devoted to this, and the C&T industry being what it is, there are now products out there that proudly proclaim “Paraben Free”

Now in preparation for doing a long post about this, I thought I’d better get my sources together so that I could try and write from a position of Ad Authoritatum.

I then discovered that a bunch of eurocrats called the SCCP had done the hard work for me

 In this Document Here in PDF format

Now a bit of background for those people who think that the SCCP (SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE ON CONSUMER PRODUCTS) are a bunch of people preserving the status quo.

They aren’t

 They are at times the biggest pains in the arse to plague the industry.

For instance they are the reason that my ex company had to reformulate 80+ products when they banned a preservative that had a safe history of use going back decades.

They are also looking to ban a sunscreen that has similar benefits, but are dragging their heels on that one, so that no-one knows whether or not to spend money on testing.

Anyway, read and enjoy, then ask questions later


4 responses to “Parabens

  1. OK – but is there any danger of a pop quiz or essay?

  2. valueaddedwater

    I might construct a Cosmo type quiz later….

  3. Great article! Consumers are wise to avoid potentially hazardous ingredients such as parabens. But they also want skin care that nourishes their skin to keep it soft, healthy and radiant. I found a product that gives you all of that and more at

  4. valueaddedwater

    Hi Brad, I’m assuming here that you’ve been searching for every reference to Parabens on WordPress.
    Even though the link is obviously commercial, I’ve decided to leave it here.
    However, now I’m aware of your site I reserve the right to look through it and comment about it here.
    And for the record, I’m a pro-paraben kind of guy. Lowest skin irritation potential, longest history of safe use, world legal, robust, easy to formulate with and inexpensive. Whats not to like?

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