Sarah Beeny. How Toxic are you love?

Well that badly made bit of tat is rattling around the industry at the moment.

A premium example of badly made pseudoscience. I’m sure somebody somewhere has given it server space, but it sure as hell won’t be me.

There have been discussions in the lab where to start on it.

Is it the fact that the numbers don’t match up on the toxin loadings

Is it the fact that she can’t count the number of “MAN MADE CHEMICALS!!!!” on the back of a bottle of shampoo

Is it the fact that it was so disjointed and repetative, and that this was due to them having to edit out a lot of lies, and then they ran out of space.

 This will probably run and run, but for starters (And because if I did a full fisking of this I could easily rack up 2-3000 words minimum) I’ll just post a few links to forums where the full horror that is Beeny is being stripped bare

Beeny site

Channel 4 forums

Badscience forums

Doesn’t stop the crystal stroking side of the industry trying to cash in mind

 Oh and did I mention the “MAN MADE CHEMICALS”.

The bit about the breast milk though was the point that annoyed most people I’ve talked to on the school run.

The average Mothers attitude was. “Don’t you dare tell me that I have toxins in the tit, but its OK really”.

No information, no levels, no backup. That lost it for the target audience.

Note for producers: Don’t play the baby card unless you really want to back it properly. Without suitable wadding it will blow up in your face

Update 15/10/07

A mate of mine has suggested that if you were really p’d off by the programme, you should tell channel 4 about it. You can do it here:Channel 4 complaints


5 responses to “Sarah Beeny. How Toxic are you love?

  1. yeah i missed this, if anyone manages to find it/stick it online, do let me know?

    it sounds pretty typical.

  2. Yep appalling dangerous rubbish as I commented on the Daily Mail thread. try commenting on the Elave, (recommended on the prog and probably funded it?) blog and watch your posts moderated out. I have commented in detail on the Bad Science forum and swum through the treacle on the Channel 4 forum……..and worse;there is another “How Toxic” programme on 18th.

  3. valueaddedwater

    I have a copy of this as do most people industry side. Unfortunately, I don’t have broadband, P2P or any of that malarky, so on disk it will have to stay for now

  4. I’m afraid besides cutting out salt, not watching these types of programs is the only way to keep my blood pressure normal.

  5. Looks like you can get both episodes on 4OD

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