MHRA alert

This concerns OSAS body lotion (Hat tip to
MHRA Press Release regarding OSAS (Intensive body lotion with Aloe Vera) containing Steroids

This sort of thing, how shall I say it, “Grips my Excrement”
The industry has enough problems with people like the Daily Mail having pops without idiots like this selling a product which contains licenced prescription only pharmaceuticals, and passing it off as a cosmetic product.
To quote the MHRA

Home The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has found steroids in an intensive body lotion with Aloe Vera called OSAS, which claimed to contain natural ingredients. The lotion which is an unlicensed product illegally claimed to treat eczema and psoriasis and has been found to be sold in a variety of Asian and African beauty shops in London and the West Midlands and over the Internet.

Oh great!. Birmingham trading standards is always having to go to these sort of places to get illegal skin whitening creams and “Ethnic cosmetics” such as Kohl which contains enough lead to kill a horse off the market.

The lotion was brought to the attention of the MHRA by a paediatric dermatologist who became concerned when the parent of a baby he was treating for eczema started to use this product on the baby. The lotion tested positive for variable amounts of, Betamethasone dipropionate – a type of medicine called a corticosteroid. The product also contains Clotrimazole which is used in anti-fungal medications.

Strong corticosteroids (such as betamethasone) are only available on prescription and are used in the treatment of a variety of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Careful medical supervision of these treatments is important and inappropriate long-term use of corticosteroid medicines can cause skin thinning and other skin complications.

The Agency would strongly advise that anyone using this product, particularly on young children and babies, should stop immediately. Discontinuation of the product may cause a rebound effect (worsening of the condition) and you should therefore consult your doctor or healthcare provider about suitable treatments.

Anyone selling this product should stop doing so immediately, and remove it from their stock. If retailers are found to still selling this product then the MHRA will take appropriate action.

Unfortunately “Appropriate action” will be along the lines of confiscation of stock, or a fine
Prison would be more appropriate

At the time of writing, this is still on sale on ebay


3 responses to “MHRA alert

  1. My 3 yrs.old son was born premature.
    Since he was 5 months old he was suffering from severe eczema. His consultant has prescribed him with almost everything from lotion,cream to steroid but none of them worked. He was even seen by a dermatologist and chinese herbalist but his eczema just got worsen. I was becoming depressed and desperate to find a treatment for my son.
    Until i mentioned my problem to my friend at work. She told me she had the same problem on her son before. She recomended the osas lotion and gave me a sample.
    I could not believe is just for one day and i saw the eczema has cleared away. For the first time in few months i saw my son sleep peacefully. I told my GP about this lotion and i tried to get it in prescription. But he said it is not available in the NHS.
    I understand that and i am sure any mom would willing to pay for anything as long it would help their children. But i was so upset when i red the article of MHRA that they will remove the osas from the market because they found out it has steroid on it. Instead of doing this why not recommend that you could only get this osas lotion by GP prescription only (even we have to pay extra). So patient like my son could still benefit from it. Instead of prescribing normal steroid that does not work to patient.

  2. I understand your concern for your son. I’ve seen many like him, and it breaks my heart to see kids that small going up the wall with something that they can’t understand and articulate.
    That said I cannot condone what the manufacturers of Osas have done. Steroids are useful in Eczema, but they are the last resort as they can do serious damage to people. They are not something to use without full information.
    If the Osas manufacturers had actually registered the product, and done proper testing, and been honest about it, nobody would have a problem. They would be also raking in the money as well, as if it was as good as you say, they would be selling loads.

    If the GP isn’t giving the support you or yuor son needs, have a chat to the Eczema Society

  3. I am really worried now since learning about osas,my baby is 18mths and has being using this cream since he was 6months ,as he had terrible eczema and every medication prescribed just wouldnt work.
    A friend told me about the cream and after 2days, i could not believe that it worked wonders.i am so upset and scared,as i have used this cream for a long time,and i hope it would not affect my baby in the long run.i really need help.

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