Updated February 2013

This is the blog of  someone who was a time served formulator in the UK toiletries industry.

It fell into disuse due to the politics of certain big brands, and the implication that I wasn’t doing my career many favours by ranting online.

In the end, however, the small minds, and myself all got made redundant when we got swallowed by an unnamed (by me, in public) multinational.

Still Life goes on and so do I, but in the role of  Mr Technical at a company selling cleaning chemicals. Sort of similar, but some of these will pull skin off if you applied them like Chanel No.5

The Blog ethics are still much the same

Its split between trying to educate the public who are sometimes ill served by the marketing hype, and me blowing off steam when something stupid hits the fan. However, I’m now not just a one trick pony, I can clean up after myself as well

I’m still using a pseudonym, however, I’m more than happy to sell you a cleaning product if you want!


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