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One Hand Doesn’t know what the other is doing

Sorting through the Daily mail this morning (Why me?) Spotted this here.

I’m not commenting on what the Daily Mail is saying here, as its just a short report on an adjudication by the ASA. The Daily Mail seem to be watching the Adjudications page of the ASA like everyone else in the industry to

a) Gloat

b) Keep an ear on the ground to see what we can “Get Away With”

The original ASA Adjudication is HERE

Now I’ll side with Avon (A competitor) with this one.


Well they did this by the book, but they still got fucked over by the ASA.

If you read the Adjudication, they submitted data, and took advice from Clearcast who were formally known as the BACC.

This is the agency that clears ads for TV. Therefore if they pick the bones out of your ad and say its OK, you should have no problems with the ASA. You can then spend ¬£000’s on filming the ad and booking blocks of space to show it whilst people are out of the room making a cuppa.

Obviously the ASA don’t think so, and they’ve said not to show it again.

No refunds on unused blocks or the expenses of shooting the damn thing.

I bet there are a lot of people VERY pissed off in Corby today.


Serves them right

Clarins got hit by the ASA

 Well sorry they deserved it.

When I saw the original advert, we had the marketeers asking how we could copy this, and they were accusing us of being obstructive (!) The original advert was in all the expensive glossies and was designed to tap into the paranoia about mobile phones giving you all sorts of symptoms.

I think the whole industry cheered when they got shot down. It wouldn’t surprise me if a few of its members stuck the knife in just to make sure.

We need all that PSB (Pseudo Scientific Bullshit) like a hole in the head

ASA Adjudication