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Lets make this clear. I like the idea behind the Dove adverts.

The idea of using everyday women to advertise your products instead of supermodels and celebs is a refreshing change in our “Hello Magazine” Society.

I’m not married to a supermodel or a WAG, and quite frankly I wouldn’t want to be. They’re OK for eye candy, but I can’t imagine discussing the finer points of philosophy and ethics with Posh and Becks at 3am in the morning.

The adverts in the TV media are common currency. Below are a couple of examples:

Now you may have seen in the media a report that all is not quite what it appears.

See reference to it here in Cosmetic Design Europe


In an interview with New Yorker magazine, Pascal Dangin, who retouches photographs for leading fashion companies and magazines, claimed he had worked hard on the Dove pictures.

“Do you know how much retouching was on that?” said Dangin. “But it was great to do, a challenge, to keep everyone’s skin and faces showing mileage but not looking unattractive.”

 Oh Whoops indeed!

Leaving aside the fact that the advertising industry in the US hated the Ads when they first aired, and were horrified when the general public warmly received them, Pascal’s comments do not come as a complete surprise to me.

I shouldn’t say that this revelation was greeted with a degree of schadenfreud in the industry, but I will comment that my CEO had a grin on his face like a Cheshire Cat when he heard about it.

Now this may be unconnected with the trouble that Unilever have been experiencing with Greenpeace in relation to Palm oil use

 Greenpeace Link


But I wouldn’t put money on it

And I suspect that this revelation may also be related to the protest at the Unilever plant in Port Sunlight where protestors were dressed as orang-utans to highlight the sourcing of palm oil from unsustainable slash and burn

BBC Link:  

Everyone in the industry is watching this one to see how it pans out

For those of us not directly involved it should be fun