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Reality Check

Cosmetics Design Europe is a weekly email newsletter that I’m registered for.

If you’re an industry bod like myself its a useful snapshot about whats going on, what the raw materials suppliers are plugging, yada yada yada.

Its a lazy way of getting tid bits if you’re too busy to get fully informed


One of the links to the main site caught my eye, and made me also feel a bit disturbed as well.

Women Sacrifice Food Before Cosmetics Link Here

Women sacrifice food before cosmetics
By Guy Montague-Jones
Most recently beauty retail website feelingunique.com asked 1,000 women in the UK about their shopping habits and found that the credit crisis may reveal itself more clearly in cupboards than bathrooms.

Beauty over food

Nearly one in three female respondents said they would prefer to eat less than reduce their spending on ‘essential’ beauty items.

The survey also indicated that three quarters of women also consider make-up and body treatments ‘everyday essentials’ as opposed to luxury items.

The results support the findings of a ShopSmart survey of female customers in the US carried out last month.

Supporting evidence

Polling 1,000 women by telephone the magazine concluded that female shoppers were more likely to opt for cheaper food essentials than give up their chosen cosmetic brands.

While 67 per cent would switch to less expensive brands for eggs and milk, only 30 per cent said they would be willing to turn to cheaper cosmetics.

Women are not only reluctant to reduce their spending on cosmetics but when their purses come under pressure they are more willing to scrimp and save on food, according to new surveys. 

Brand loyalty also seemed more pronounced in cosmetics than personal care where women were more likely to trade down. A total of 48 per cent said they would be willing to buy cheaper personal care items.

Now I’m not analysing the methodology, possible bias or claims here, I’ll leave that to someone else to do the digging, but I will ask the question.


I don’t understand it at all