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Knowledge needs warnings

One spotted in a couple of the papers today, the Daily Telegraph, no less, and the Daily Mail (No Surprise)

Telegraph Link

Daily Mail Version

Using the Daily Telegraph version, which although they have done the cosmetic association with collagen which does make my skin crawl a little, Its actually pretty good, and certainly gives the background which is oh so important.
Kate Devlin: Good effort. You’ve named the source of the information, the results, and where its published.
The paper referenced is by Laure Rittié and colleagues from the University of Michigan who carried out a study, reported in the Archives of Dermatology journal.
They applied cream containing Oestradiol to “Sheltered Skin” (Skin that rarely sees daylight) and to photodamaged skin. They observed that collagen levels were boosted in the sheltered areas, but not in the photodamaged areas. The sample size was quite good for this kind of study (70 men and women average age 75) and the test material was applied 3 times a day for 2 weeks. This isn’t med standard, but the ASA would like this sort of study for advertising skin products.
The gist is that sun damaged skin didn’t gain collagen, wheras the “White meat” did. The author is quoted as saying the result was “Surprising”

What they haven’t told us however, is that you ain’t going to be seeing this on the shelf anytime soon. Certainly not any time soon in the EU.
Oestrogen and Oestradiol are banned in the EU for cosmetics. they’re powerful hormones, and as a bloke I wouldn’t want to lose my wrinkles whilst losing my ability to grow facial hair, shoot live ammo, and gaining breasts.

Creams are available commercially that contain Oestrogens. They are prescription only and are used for the treatment of vaginal dryness as part of HRT to decrease the symptoms of menopause.

So if you’re worried about wrinkles don’t nick granny’s HRT cream. Its not a cosmetic.

No doubt some smart ass is now going to try selling something claimed to work in this new scientific way. I’ll be watching and so I suspect will the MHRA

Or am I being Cynical

Don’t answer that!


First post in the Blog

This the first post.

 You may have come here for several reasons.

 You may want to know about what “Products” you are using, and you have concerns about what you are doing to your skin, or you may have heard of some new wonder ingredient that will make your slightly lived in exterior (I call it character meself) look fresher than a newborns rear end.

This is where I say a little bit about myself

I work / have worked for the last 15 or so years in that industry that is known by many names, but one that sticks is either toiletries or personal care. I’m a formulator.

I’m the geek in the (Not so) White coat to designs the liquid or solid stuff that goes in the nice bottle that you pay to have in your bathroom.

The job is in equal measures



Part art , Part Science

and part having to explain to people why what that nicely manicured lady on the beauty counter is saying is not completely correct.